Inconsistent behaviour on IOS devices/browsers
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Hi - In my application I have a screen where the user has the option of downloading multiple documents by clicking more than one checkbox associated with the document and clicking a download button which fires several actions. This functions fine in Windows/Chrome but there is inconsistent behaviour on IOS browsers (safari and chrome) and devices. For example functionality works on a Macbook air but there is an error message of 'Request failed with an error' when using an Ipad or IPhone. From the error logs in Service Center it looks like the issue revolves around a service call but theinconsistent behaviour is odd. Has anyone come across this before? 

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What triggers me is the "downloading multiple documents". On mobile devices, you cannot download files the way you can on laptops and desktops. You need something like the File Transfer Plugin for that, at least in a mobile app.

Can you share some more about the way your app works now? What "several actions" are fired? If these run server-side, then there should really be no difference between a mobile and a desktop device.