how can i save these value from Dropdown Tags

how can i save these value from Dropdown Tags in an entity (Holidays) using country id where relationship between the Holidays and static entity (country) one to many

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Hi Andrew, 

Which type of app you are creating as in Traditional web, we don't have Dropdown Tags available, we have ListBox for it ?

And If you want to store multiple selected countries into Holidays Entity, It is not possible to achieve this with two entities as Holidays cannot have multiple records for same HolidayId with different CountryId. You need to create a third junction Entity for this.

It would be also great if you can share sample OML.

Thanks :)

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Hi  Andrew 

Maybe I didn't understand your question.

You can use OnChange event's input parameter CurrentList to get selected values.

Then you can loop the list and do CRUD operation.

Kindly Regards