verbatim strings in site property ?


Regarding to the site property,if I define a file path,e.g.C:\temp, do i need to use double back slash such as c:\\temp on the property content?I am using the former but sometime i found the back slash is recognized as escape character when i transfer the property content to extension.Regarding to the above sample, extension program SOMETIME need a property setting C:\\temp to identify the correct file path.

Is there any setting if recognizing the property contents as verbatim strings or not ?  

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No, that's not how .NET works. In .NET, you can specify the @ character in front of a string literal to make it a verbatim string literal. So for example:


Will contain the path to the temporary directory, without the "\T" being converted to a tab. But the content of a variable will always be used verbatim, so a site property should never have this problem.