[Trigger Pipeline] Configure Pipeline Trigger for connection to Jenkins
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Published on 22 Dec 2020

Im following instructions in:
Building an OutSystems pipeline with Jenkins · OutSystems/outsystems-pipeline Wiki (github.com)

Im having trouble connecting to Jenkins server from Lifetime Pipeline Trigger plugin. Each time I click the trigger, I get "unable to connect to remote server".  The build/deploy works fine when started in Jenkins.

 I have setup the Jenkins SYSTEM credentials using the lifetime service user token.  But not sure what should be placed in the trigger credentials as below?

what should be in these 2 boxes - or could there be something else preventing the connection?

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Hi @Rui Mendes 

In the Pipeline Server Credentials you need to have the user and token from Jenkins.

You need to access Jenkins user configuration, create a new user and in there generate an API Token for that user.

The username and token from Jenkins you can use the inputs from your screenshot.


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Hi John,

As Hélder mentioned above, you need to enter credentials for a Jenkins account (username and API Token) in the 'Pipeline Server Credentials' fields. The plugin will use these to make calls to the Jenkins REST API.

The Service Account token needs to be stored in Jenkins (as a Jenkins Credential) in order to interact with the LifeTime API.


Rui Mendes

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Hi Rui

After opening firewall and trying to trigger a pipeline, I keep getting 500-InternalServerError - 

The jenkins logs show a login issue.

the URL is set to our Jenkins server, username is my email and I have generated an API token that is pasted into the trigger settings.

I should add we have Jenkins setup to use an Azure login - sot sure if this is affecting it somehow.

When I tried to use a different login email user account with a different token - the Jenkins log still showed my name as the login user!

Any ideas?