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Hi Team,

I need to show 21 MB image in mobile gallery, but it will take more time to load. I have tried with Image compress 21MB to 7 MB but the image clarity is not good and 7 MB image also taking more time to load.

Kindly suggest how to overcome this issue

Thanks and Regards,

Sangeetha C.

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Hi Sangeetha,

You can try to use following forge components if it meets with your requirement.



Hope this helps, Thanks :)

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Hi Sangeetha,

Such large images should not be used in mobile applications. 

Where do you have the image? Is it in the app's resources?

Is it not possible to resize the image or use another one before placing it in the application?

That way you don't need any resize tool.

Hope it helps,

Plácido Miranda

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Hi Sangeetha,

Is this original image is on server and should be downloaded to device or it is taken via mobile camera and need to be uploaded to server?

I can suggest have at least thumbnail to show fun gallery and load full image only when opened "full screen". Resizing can be done both on device (when saving photo from camera) as well as server side. Just compressing the image is not best solution - resize is better. 

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I used recently this component and its resolved my problem for big file size.