Searching for "breadth-first search"

Dear all, has anyone developed a "breadth-first search" algorithm to navigate a tree structure within the database?
Many thanks
Marc -

The Agile Platform DB is a standard RDBMS; a tree structure does not exist in it without some wizardry to begin with. That being said, if you were to do such a thing, a breadth first search would be easy enough to implement.

I agree with Justin... And if I recall correctly from other programming languages, it should be easier for you to implement it recursively from scratch in OutSystems than to adapt an existing eSpace with such an implementation, since I imagine that it will be very dependant on the data model of your application, and of the way you set it up to represent a tree.

In your wikipedia page you have the pseudocode, so porting it over to OutSystems should be quick.


Paulo Tavares