How to send bulk email in  reactive
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My use case  in table (table record) there will be checkbox for multilple selection and to user of this list which i have selected i need to send mail to all of  them how i can send mail to selected user in reactive

i saw few post that we need to create the email tamplete in traditioanl app but  how i wll get the selected users deatil and how i can pass and this user list  for sending mail 

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You need to create your email in a traditional app. Than, create an action that will be used in the reactive app (needs to be public). In that action, use the needed inputs to the email (in this case, at least, you will need a list of emails addresses that you can have as a list and then process it to string with commas to use in the email "To").

Than, in the reactive app, in the action that will trigger the email sending, you can filter the list for all that have the checkbox selected, and map the emails related with the records from the list with the email field of the input list of the action that you create in the traditional app.

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In reactive web app, you need the help of a traditional web app to create emails. Then you could:

- Make the email template in the interface section.

- Create a action in the traditional web app that needs to be public so you can use it in the dependecies of your reactive project.

- Then, in the action, it must recieve a list of e-mails, loop through it, and in each loop send a email.

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Ricardo Cardoso