[Debug] The debug on reactive dont work properly
Service Studio Version
11.10.4 (Build 36716)

Hi community,

I'm facing some problems using debug on reactive apps.

When I'm on a End User screen debugging an action of that screen, everything goes well, but when I'm trying to debug a producer module, I simply can't do it. I set correctly the Entry Module and I can see the screen waiting for some action on the debug, but the debug don't stop on the breakpoint.

One of my team mates does the same I do, but for him everything goes fine.

Do anyone already faced this issue?

Do I need to set some additional configuration on the service studio or chrome?

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards,

Diogo Miguel

Rank: #184

Hi Diogo,

What type of action are you trying to debug? server or service?

for services actions the entry module is supposed to be : (this module)

and for the server action, the entry module should be the one initiating the request, eg: the consumer UI module where you called(started)


Carlos Lessa

Rank: #720

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for the feedback.

I'm trying to debug server and client actions.

As I said on the original post, one of my teammates does the same steps I do, and he can run the debug, but I can´t, thats why I think I'm missing some additional configuration.

Best regards,

Diogo Miguel