Link to detail screen, using Nullidentifier() for record id, opens existing record
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Service Studio Version
11.10.4 (Build 36716)

This seemingly simple bug is driving me nuts. The Link in the "Holidays" screen (created using scaffolding) - that's intended to open the "HolidayDetail" screen to a new record - suddenly changed behavior. Now, it's opening the one-and-only existing record. And this is despite the fact that the Nullidentifier() is indicated for the Holidayid in the Link's On Click event.

Of course, I could just use scaffolding to simply recreate the screens - eliminating the problem - but then I wouldn't understand why this is happening...and the learning process I'm going through right now would be cheapened :)

What else do I need to check, to get the detail screen open to a new record?

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Hi Matt,

Then check your aggregate filter conditions in the HolidayDetail screen. There is probably a condition that causes a record to be fetched.



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Hi Matt,

What you need to do is in your HolidayDetail Screen aggregate, enter filter as following:

Holiday.Id = HolidayId - to fetch new records if the HolidayId is NullIdentifier().

Let me know if it works, Thanks :)

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Thanks, Daniël and Shweta. I'll focus on the aggregate.  I suspect I broke something when I joined the Holiday table to what I'm calling the DaysOfWeek table, so that I can allow the user to select a day of week by something other than the native 0-6 numerical value Outsystems uses i.e., in my DaysOfWeek table I pair each day integer value (0-6) with "Sunday" through "Saturday" text values....thereby allowing a 'user friendly' dropdown on the detail screen for the user to pick from. Note that I join the tables on what I'm calling the "DayValue" field, not the Outsystems-created id, since the id can change in terms of association with a particular day name e.g., Wednesday, just for example.

It's still not clear to me why use of the NullIdentifier() doesn't force opening of a new record, but you've given a place to focus my efforts to get this resolved.

Thanks to both of you for your response.