[iPhone Directory] Discussion

[iPhone Directory] Discussion

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Published on 2011-03-24 by Rodrigo Coutinho
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Published on 2011-03-24 by Rodrigo Coutinho

Would it be possible to have a demo available so it's possible to see how the application looks and feel using the Iphone?

Kind regards,
Hi Evert,

Thanks for your interest. I've just published this application in one of our demo servers: http://livedemo1.outsystems.net/iDirectory

To login please use these credentials:
- Username: iphone
- Password: iphone


Manuel Dias
Hello Manual,

I think the Safari version of an iPhone app looks absolutely great!
It looks, feels an operates just like a real app. Amazing what one can achieve with the Outsystems software.

I hope someone will feel inspired and will come with an Ipad version as well soon.

Kind regards,

Karel Jutte
Hi Manuel,

I've changed the app so that there is a menu as well. With a little help of iWebKit
And was able to add it to our internal application in less then 5 minutes :-)

Nice work.

as for the Ipad version, I hope the solution will provide that already??

Yes iPad also redirects to this new layout.
The useragent of iPad also cotains "iPhone" and the app reacts on this part of the useragent string
I only don't know if the CSS will function correctly for the screen width/height for iPad
implicitely that was what I was asking, sorry for not being clear as crystal on that matter.

I expected it would show the Iphone-version, but was indeed wondering about:
"I only don't know if the CSS will function correctly for the screen width/height for iPad"
This web application is just great! I'm looking forward to have more knews about this kind of development.

For those of you with an Android device I've just built a simple native looking app (attached) using phonegap.com that makes this web app more easily available.

I'll be posting the sources in the next few days.

All the best,