I need to save a table records which consists of accordion tabs

Let me explain in clear about my requirement :-

I have table (List Records) in which i have inserted an accordion item which consists of input multiple fields. So in here the accordion count will be increased dynamically W.R.T the input from another screen , if the count in there is 2 here in the main screen we will be having 2 accordion items. Most important point is that the table is with in a Web block.

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Hi Jaswanth,

 I understood how you are displaying accordion items but could you please provide more details about what you want to do and what problem you are facing by doing that so we can give you a desired solution?

Thank you so much :)

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Hi shweta,

As we are having a Web Block with in an Accordion the count of accordion (Number of accordion's to display along with the web block) is dependent on the input which we get from the previously configured screen,

When coming to the complication what i,m facing is that , With in the web Block we will be having several input fields , So when all these inputs were saved then all the values with in an accordion have to be stored together (for example :- if i have an accordion with a student name then the details of the Student have to be stored together  so how many Students were configured in the previous page then we will be having same number of Accordion's) Irrespective of the count of accordion's present all the values for every Accordion have to be stored with a single click of "SAVE" Button.

Note: -  Can provide me the input ,if there is another approach for this to implement