List Box is giving Internal error


I am using a ListBox along with the Dropdown select for the multiple selection.

I am able to select multiple values and I could see the List widget having the values when I debug.

But I am not able to assign that list values to any local variable and also I tried to iterate the list and assign each element one by one but when I do this assign or even the iterating through list I am getting the Internal Error on the browser and I am not able to debug also in this scenario.

Can anyone help me with this please?


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Hi Shreelaxmi,

Could you please share OML so that we can see what is exactly going wrong?

Thanks :)

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Hi Shreelakshmi,

For the mentioned use-case,  you will have to follow the below steps:

Implementation Steps:

1) Add an additional boolean attribute (called IsSelected) to the mapped ListBox Source Record List property to track the end-user selection

2) Define OnChange handler action flow to the ListBox widget

3) Within the OnChange handler action flow, filter the ListBox.List runtime property using the ListFilter server action node with a conditional expression referring to the additional Boolean attribute (IsSelelcted) value.

See this sample app | DropdownSelectDemo

Refer to the attached .oml file

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam