I need to add a new locale to Enterprise Manager and I'm not able to do so because there's no "New Locale" option in the locales list screen. I've also tried to do this by adding a new Locale to my eSpace (on Service Studio V5.1) but the added locale is still not appearing in Enterprise Manager. How can I do this?
Hi Silvia,

Since i dont't have here the last versions of EnterpriseManager solution, try one of this two options:

The hard way:

1) Download the EnterpriseManagerBoot extension
2) Open the extension with Integration Studio then edit the inner resource EnterpriseManager.xls
3) Search for a LOCALE sheetname and include your new language, by inserting a new line on LOCALE sheet
4) Save your excel file and publish your extension
5) Download the EntepriseManager eSpace and force it to refresh the references to EnterpriseManagerBoot extension
6) Publish the refreshed version of EnterpriseManager eSpace.
7) Your new LOCALE should be available on your next Enterprise login since the bootstrap action executes on OnSessionStart internal action.

The easy way:
Since the LOCALE entity is public, you can create your own bootstrap locale's action or even a dummy screen to accomplish this.

Rafael Pereira