[Google Calendar API] How integrate Google Calendar Api? Problem with Google Auth
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Published on 01 Jun 2016
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I needed to integrate the google calendar api into my web application.

Is there any documentation to follow step by step or an example oml to help me?

If not, can help me with Google Auth?
- right now, I'm having difficulty with the google auth action, where my Session.GoogleCredentials.AccessToken <> "" is empty and I don't understand why, where and how do I get the token in my google Auth action?



Hi Rita,

Check this step by step with some screenshots:

1. Go to the Developers Console Credentials page here.

a. From the project drop-down, select your project or create a new one.

b. On the Credentials page, select Create credentials drop-down and then select OAuth client ID.

It is your first time; you'll need to add the OAuth consent:

c. On the Application type, choose Web Application.

d. Give a name to the project, and give an authorized redirect URIs.ii. Example: https://<hostname>/GoogleCalendar/OAuthCalendar.aspx

e. Hit Create.

2. Note the credentials somewhere, or download them to your computer. 

3. Then, go to Configuration ( URL: just need to change the hostname)

a. Fill in all the attributes.

b. Save the configuration.

4. That's it! You can now go to the Calendars page and see the results.

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Thank you so much for your time and explanation @Luís Santos Monteiro !!