about the concept of external user licenses

Let me ask you about the concept of external user licenses.

Now, we have a project for a certification platform system that conducts online testing.

I'm considering adopting Outsystems for this project.

In this case, it is necessary to accept an unspecified number of users who want to take online exams.

Those users must be non-Anonimous users as they will need to log in as they will need to log in to view the test results and download the certificate.

I think it is correct to use an "external user license" to realize these users on Outsystem. Is this correct?

I had the opportunity to talk to Mendix sales, so I asked Mendix sales how to resolve this case and they got an answer.

He said that one user license could be used to manage logged-in users internally.

Is it a license violation on Outsystems?

Also, I would like to ask someone who has already realized a system that accepts an unspecified number of users, as in this case. Are you purchasing an external user license? In that case, the license cannot be reused unless the user unsubscribes, so we have to increase it endlessly. How do you solve this?

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Hi Tatsuya,

Daniel has put in a very good explanation here https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/57444/internal-vs-external-users/ about the licensing part for Internal vs External users.

So there is a concept of external users which you can use here. As far as the license is concerned, you can configure your email domains for internal users and anything other than that will be counted counted as an external user. It also depends on your requirement as to how long you want to keep the users active in the system because your license will only count the active named users only.

However, I would recommend you to reach out to OutSystems support about your query related to licensing part.

Thank you,


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Hi Akshay,

Thank you for your reply.

I read the link you gave me.

In conclusion, it seems that there is no choice but to use the license of an external user for an unspecified number of users to be serviced.

Just in case, I will confirm Outsystems.

Thank you!!

Tatsuya, Sato