how can i save value of dropdown tag as like this demo

how can i save value of dropdown tag as like this demo


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I have attached your OML herewith with the solution of your problem. Please study it carefully.

Let me know, if it helps, Thanks


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Hi Andrew,

Isn't this the same issue as you opened before in this post and this post just 2 and 3 days ago?

Have you checked the suggestions that the community contributors provided on the comments to these posts?

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Hi Andrew,

I have also given you some solution in your earlier post here but didn't get any reply in that post.

Let me ask some basic questions to you, Do you want store selected countries in comma separated format in Holiday Entity or you want to store Id's, if you want to store Id's you need to create a third junction entity named as 'HolidayCountries' as HolidayId will be unique in Holiday entity and you will not be able to store multiple CountryId for same HolidayId.

Hope you understood,Thanks :)

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Hello Andrew,

I am an OutSystems forum moderator, it is not good practice to create multiple post to keep asking over and over the same questions. Please stick to the conversion in the one discussion. If people don't reply, that is just bad luck, maybe people don't have a answer. Dropping the question multiple times is not the way to solve that!.

I close the other three post for further contribution. Discussion can continue here.