Edit Data in Workflow Builder Screens

Screens created by Workflow Builder allow users to edit business data, that had been entered by a requester in previous steps. The business data is displayed in read only mode, but using the "Edit" button a subsequent editor or approver can change that data. When changes to the original data are made, there is no audit or change log visible to the end user. 

This is a behavior, which in general does not meet process standards. In a typical creation > approval workflow pattern the approver may decide about a request and return it to the creator, but he may not change the business data from the request. And if there is a good reason to allow any person besides the requestor to change the data, the change should to be made visible in an enduser change log. 

To avoid this situation I would suggest ´that in process design on task or process level there could be a switch to allow or to disable the possibility of editing the business data by anyone else but the requestor.  The editor already supports an nice way to return a process instance to the requestor for any data reedit.

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Hi Marius,

The best way to get traction on your idea is to use the Feedback button in the Workflow builder. That way it will straight go to the product team at OutSystems.

Here on the forum you have to be lucky if one of the product team member will notice your post.



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Hi Marius,

Thanks for sharing feedback.

Indeed auditing capabilities are relevant for several processes, and naturally more critical for critical apps.  Currently, Workflow Builder supports process auditing, timeline part of the generated screens. Business auditing, meaning,  changes to form field values, is not supported and it is current under our radar.

Thanks once again,

Frederico Pires 

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Hi Frederico,

I am aware that it would be out of scope for the workflow builder to create any form of automatic change log for the business fields. Thats why I suggested to have a simple switch in design to allow changes to the fields only for the requestor. In this case all subsequent editors would have read only access and additionally could comment, use the time line and make decisions. A field change protocol would in this case not be so critical, as only the requester could make changes.

Technically this would only be a single switch in process design and a simple rule to hide the "Edit" button, if that switch is active. 

Hope the idea comes clear and thanks a lot for your reply!