Creating Entities from Excel File : Foreign Keys

Creating Entities from Excel File : Foreign Keys


Is it possible to directly import from Excel relationship Tables ?

Consider this example :

I have 3 entities I wish to create, where one is a relationship between them

A : {Name: Text , Description: Text}

B : {Name: Text , Description: Text}

A_B : {AId: Entity Ref Integer; BId: Entity Ref Integer; Description: Text}

I would like to simply drag and drop from Excel and see the entities created automatically.

(In fact i already have entities A and B and would only like to generate entity A_B)

Anyone to clarify me?


Diogo Cordovil S. Cordeiro

Hi Diogo

Well, it depends on the data itself.

The Intelliwarp feature isn't aware of existent relations between different excel sheets, and each sheet translates to an independent entity.

As such, having a sheet with the A_B relationship will not create an entity with foreign keys to the A and B entities.

You could try to use Intelliwarp to speed the import process though, by drag'n'drop the excel with the A_B sheet values (avoid formulas and references), and then, on Service Studio change the data type to A and B entity identifiers.

I haven't tested it, but as long as the A and B entities have the data already filled, the import should work if the data types match.

Hope this helps.


Miguel João