seek value within a range
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como posso pesquisar um valor dentro de um intervalo no banco de dados. 
Por exemplo 
, tenho em minha tabela produtos cadastrados com uma coluna Largura e outra coluna Altura, gostaria que, ao fazer um orçamento de janela, já que cada orçamento tem medidas de janela diferentes, procure o valor relacionado a essa medida de janela que estou orçando, no banco de dados tem um intervalo de 10 em 10 cm, alguem poderia ajudar como posso fazer isso dentro do outsystens
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how can I search for a value within a range in the database.
For example
, I have in my table registered products with a Width column and another Height column, I would like that, when making a window budget, since each budget has different window measures, look for the value related to that window measure that I am budgeting, in database has an interval of 10 in 10 cm, could someone help how can i do this inside outsystens

Hi Rafael,

I'm not entirely sure what you want to achieve, but if you mean you want to budget based on surface, you could create a calculated column that multiplies width and height, and add a Filter based on that column.

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Hello Rafael,

Please type or translate your questions and replies to English, which is the defacto language used in the OutSystems commmunity. This way the complete community can help and learn.



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Hi Rafael,

I didn't understand your question properly, could you please explain it in more detail in english language as i'm not friendly with your language.

Thanks :)

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suppose I have a database height of 1000; 1100; 1200 and width in the same way, when I make the budget I say that the window measures 1050 in height; Width 1050
and at the time of this budget, being able to find the measure closest to that to seek that value