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I'm preparing for the Mobile Developer certification exam.  I stumbled upon a question that seems like the correct answer is wrong.  I'll go on that assumption unless someone can explain why the answer that is supposedly correct - is correct and the answer that I think is correct... is not correct.  Of course the use double negatives can get confusing but n this case it seems like replacing the phrase "not false" with "true" should retain the meaning of the question.  Attached is the question with the optional answers.

Seems to me if you have an input widget that requires an integer value and you enter "Hello" or some other text value, the built in validation would fail. And if you enter a negative value into that same widget, the validation should not fail.  What am I missing here?

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The first 3 statements are false.

The 4th is not false, so thats the one you should choose as the answer to the question.

 You might have missed that some statements start with ´  validations fail´  and some with ´  validations don´ t fail´  .   

Good luck with your exam.


Edit : i see now that this is also what you think, so that´ s the both of us puzzeled.

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Even the statement "Validations don't fail if you set a text value to an integer" is false on its face since validations DO fail if you set a text value to an integer.  Of course it's one thing if this happens on a practice exam.  It's quite another if it happens on the real exam.  As far as I know there's no way to know what questions were answered wrong on the actual exam.  Or is there?

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Hi Tom,

Starting by the question itself, it is not from any official OutSystems exam or sample / practice test. Can you tell me where did you find it?

This question doesn't follow our guidelines and best practices, where the use of terms like "which options is not false" or double negatives are avoided. Even the wording is very confusing and makes the question really hard to understand. What does it mean to "set a text value to an integer"? Is it to type a text into an input widget of type Integer? Or the other way around? Again, this is another reason for excluding this question from one of our exams.

From my understanding of the question, I agree with your interpretation and the 4th option seems to be indeed the correct one. 

Are you going for the Mobile Developer Specialization? If that's the case you can find an official sample test in the certification page

Hope this helps and good luck

Jorge Costa