Full text Search not working when outsystem app executes a stored procedure
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.6 (Build 37199)

Hi there,

I need some help on the Full text search execution from outsystems application.

We use our own sql server instance and database ( external database ,   not the outsystem  defaulted sql server instance) to store and retrieve  the data.

Our outsystems application  executes a stored procedure which accepts  a full text search parameter ( mobile number) and some other parameters ,  the  sql server stored procedure executes the full text search query and returns the data table result to the outsystems application.

The application and the search works fine for some time ( with full text parameter mobile number  search and without full text parameter search)   and  starts failing suddenly  to execute the search and gives timeout error ( when we use full text search parameter ) .

 When we try the same input and execute the stored procedure directly from sql server editor, it works fine and gets the results in a few milliseconds or seconds.

We could see the search working fine and giving results  when we do the similar search from non out system application ( .Net based windows  application which was used prior to this outsystem application)

The stored procedure uses a dynamic sql,  based on the input data received  , it generates query and executes dynamically.

Once  Full text search  stopped working from outsystem application , it will not work properly if we use full text search parameter  until we rebuild the full full text search from sql server.

Has anyone had similar issues experienced anytime ?  Any solution for this ?

Thank you,


Hi Kiran,

Good morning!

Can you please check this one out, not sure if the below could help.

RuntimePublic.Db API - OutSystems 

Thank you and kind regards,