[Reactive Print PDF Button] component gives a blur output
Forge component by Gianluca Bracca
Published on 09 Nov 2020
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Hey ,

I am facing the below issues with this component:

1. Blur effect on the output

2.Could not assign header and footer

3.Not supporting word document file

4.pdf quality is very poor

Kindly provide your inputs on the above.



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Hi Sowndarya ,

this component is a wrapping to OutSystems of the html2pdf.js library, so the output suffers the same issues that the native library has.

In specific, the output rendering is to image and not text, and the quality is not the best, as reported here: https://github.com/eKoopmans/html2pdf.js#issues

Regarding Header and Footer, the component was developed to "print" the content of a container and not a whole screen.

On my projects, I used the css class "show-on-export" to "print" elements that I don't want to be displayed on screen. Do some testing with this class to get the Headers and Footers you are looking for.

Greetings, Gianluca