How to put HTML link tag directly in the assign?


I have a question: it is possible to add an html link tag to an assign.

At this moment I have an assign like this:

Replace (TextIn, "<applicant name>", "<a href='https://mysite/Customer/CustomerDetail.aspx?CustomerId='" + GetCustomerId.List.Current.Customer.Id + ">" + GetCustomer. Record.Customer.Name + "</a>")

For example, put escape content = No and placing the link directly from the assign to then be sent by email and open directly.

I am replacing the customer name of the email template with what is in the database, so I need to know if it is possible this way because you are giving me an error.

Thank very much for your time.

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Hi Rita,

It should be possible yes but I see you're using single quote ' instead of double quote " on href (see example here).

Can you try Replace (TextIn, "<applicant name>", "<a href=""https://mysite/Customer/CustomerDetail.aspx?CustomerId=""" + GetCustomerId.List.Current.Customer.Id + ">" + GetCustomer. Record.Customer.Name + "</a>")

Hope it helps.


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Hi @João Marques,

Thanks for the help, in fact I thought I had to use single quote instead of double quote.

But it is not the only problem because as you sent I have the variable customerId in quotes and it should not be supposed as this gives error in the link, and I'm super confused with so many quotes :P

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Hi Rita,

To insert a double quote in the string you need to escape it, otherwise it is considered the end of the text expression, and it's done by setting "".

Are you still getting an error? If you are, can you share which is the error you're getting?

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Hi Rita

i think the problem is occurring because the Costumer.Id has to be inside the single quotes