Actions inheritance 

Actions inheritance 

Hi everyone!
I'm developing an action that will use other action, my questions is: does has any way that allows secundary action to use main action's variables, just like inheritance? The way i'm doing, I pass all the variables from main action to the secundary action as input variables, I work them in secundary action and I back to pass all of them in output variables, then, in main action, I have to assign all the output variables from the secundary action to the main action's variables.
I made myself clear? if not, I can give an example :D
Thanks in advance,
João Martins
Hi João,

You can solve "part of your need" using a Structure.


InputPar» ProductCategory
InputPar» NumberOfRecords
InputPar» Other001
InputPar» Other002


1) Create a Structure like "X_GetProductsConfig" with the fields above.
2) Change your actions including only on Input Parameter
Name: InRec
Type: Record
RecordDefinition: X_GetProductsConfig

Now you just have to assign the entire record between the main and child actions.
You can do de same thing for the Output Parameters.

With this approach you can also solve other question: How can I implement a User Function with more than one Output Parameter? Create a Record structure result.

Rafael Pereira

Hi Rafael,
Thanks for answer ;)
I had that solution in mind but thougth that maybe there was a diferent way to do it :( I'll use the structure then, it will certainly simplify the code!
Thanks again!
João Martins.