How to create an overlay over the entire screen when submenu is clicked.

I want activate an overlay when i click the sumenu. But there is no onclick action that can be applied to the submenu in outsystems mobile. How do I achieve this?Even when I enclose the submenu in an container, the onclick function of the container doesnot fire.

Please let me know ehat can be one regarding this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Amol,

Based on the mentioned use-case, I have tried an implementation hope this helps you!

See this sample app | SubMenu Overlay Demo

Implementation Points:

  • Observe the defined custom CSS rules in the respective screen StyleSheet section.
  • Observe the defined screen widget tree hierarchy as well.
  • I have defined the SubMenu OnClick handler definition in the screen OnReady action flow.

Please refer to the attached .oml file.

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam