Invalid requests Google Maps Nearby Search

Hi Community,

I am trying to use the google Nearby Search in the Places API to get locations next to my own location. 

I am using to location plugin to get my location an map the lat/ long to my places URL. For testing purpose I kept the radius fixed (1000)


testing the URL in OutSystems sends me results. But if I run it in any app. I got an invalid_request. Are there any adjustments I need to take under considerations ether in OS or in Goolge that I missed? 

I tried to restrict the API to the URL of my app and also tried some CORS cheeting (https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/) but this doesn´ t help at all. 

Thanks for your help! 


Hi Crowdcher,

What's the specific status code (i.e. 400 or 403)?

Please take note that Google Maps API has some usage policy that needs to be considered.

Thank you and kind regards,