Dev Studio 11.4 no debug function

Doing exercise 7.5 - Input Validation under the Web Development course.

When I reached the debug section, and executed the instructions, I got an error like "debugger cannot .. cause you have an older version of service studio, please upgrade and try again..".

Upgraded Service Studio to latest version, but now  after installation I get an error that 'service studio can't launch'. I guess cause I use MacOS Mojave.

Did I reckon correctly this this 'unable to launch SS error' is because I have an older macOS, and I need to upgrade to latest MacOS?

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Reinstalled it Sachin, but still the error. See attached image.


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Hi David,

Thanks for giving a try to reinstallation. Here I would recommend to open a support case with Outsystems to look into your issue. Hope you had visited the Second link which I had shared with you in last post. Please also visit this link might be you will get some help.


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