Switching from Windows auth to Outsytems internal auth
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We have been using Windows AD authentication in our on premise environment, but would like to switch to Outsystems internal. Does anyone have successful experience with this? Will we need to recreate all the users? Anything gotchas to look out for?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Joseph,

I have not done this earlier, however please refer the below link and see if it helps to resolve your query. It might be other members have done this and will help you.


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Hello Joseph,

Are you looking to change your backend users (e.g. logins to LifeTime, Service Studio, etc.), or your frontend users (e.g. the /Users app)?

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Frontend. And for the record, I changed it on our Dev environment last night, and it messed up the front end users. I can create new ones that work, but cannot make the existing ones, which were automagically added through Windows integrated authentication, work.