How can I update my Entity data after updating the excel sheet associated with it?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.5 (Build 37061)

I am relatively new to OutSystems. I am trying to create a form that users can submit so that the data is output into a new excel sheet. I have imported all of the data that I want for the dropdown options, and have everything wired up correctly (I believe). But now I realized that I want to change some of the dropdown options from the excel sheet, and potentially add new ones, and I'm not sure how to update the entity without completely scrapping the entity and starting over from scratch.

I was attempting to play around with CreateOrUpdate, but it's asking me for an Id and I'm not sure where I would even find that information. Some insight into any of this would be very helpful.


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Hi Joseph,

You need to create one Record type variable and it should be same as FavoriteRunningJoke as i am seeing.

assign variable from excel.current.label to FavoriteRunningJoke  attribute  one by one.

at last you need to assign FavoriteRunningJoke in source of CreateOrUpdate action.

see below image-

Hope this will help you.



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Rahul, I am confused by your response. I already have a Bootstrap that was set up by OutSystems and looks just like yours. This was used to create the initial entity as far as I'm aware. But now I'm trying to update the entity so that it changes any changed data and adds any new data. Where do I incorporate the CreateOrUpdate action? And how do I get it to run?

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Hi Joseph,

basically you using Outsystem bootstrap action which is make default Create entity action only.

if you need to update data then you have to do things on same action-

1. use createOrUpdate action instead of createaction 

2. Add filter on a aggregate based on a unique column

3. Assign Source Identifier 

In this case Data identified by aggregate than data update else Create new.

Hope this will help you.


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Do you want to keep maintaining those tables through excel files?

Because if not, you can very easily just generate some screens that allow you to manage the values directly in your application, without the need of ever using that excel file anymore.

(I know the image is for reactive web apps, but the process is the same on traditional web)