ECT Provider (User Feedback) not rendering in Reactive Web App

Good evening, I have enabled feedback in the ECT_Provider application for my reactive web app.  On screens that are anonymous the feedback widget renders properly and users can click to add their feedback.   

However for screens that require login, the feedback widget does not render at all.   I can navigate through multiple pages and it will never appear, but if I refresh the page the widget appears and functions as expected.  So page to page navigation has no impact but a refresh fixes all.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so do you have a solution?

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Hey Josh,

It is strange that it appears after a refresh. Any chance you just need to clear your browser cache, or do you still have the issue?

Also, what version of OutSystems are you on?

Thank you

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I've tried clearing the cache and I also created a brand new reactive application so my browser shouldn't have a cache at all.   The same behavior occurred.  

We are on Version 11.9.1 (Build 20359) 

Yes I agree it's quite odd, but everything renders perfectly and works as expected after a refresh.   I inspected the page in dev tools prior to and after the refresh and I can clearly see the ECT_Provider Div is not present prior to the refresh occurring.  

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Hi Josh,

I have had the issue with ECT Feedback , it was not rendering in my application . We did some investigation and found the culprit was one JavaScript which was conflicting with ECT Feedback.

We removed the JavaScript and it started working . Your problem may be different but i thought to share my experience which can also be a direction for you to look into.