Free subscription for development

I'm starting out with OutSystems and i have a question related to licensing and development. 

  1. As an OutSystems Developer is it viable to use a personal environment (free subscription) to develop an app for a client? 
  2. And is it possible to then migrate that app to the client's environment which has a paid subscription, for tests and production purposes?
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Hi Ricardo,

I'll try to address the two questions you make:

1. I think it's enough to prove a point but it depends on the point you are trying to prove. My suggestion is to take a look at Personal Environment limitations and see if any of those are blocking for the point you are trying to prove (availability not guaranteed, limited disk space, no SEO, no domain setups, etc.)

2. You would be transferring the code from one factory to another and this is prevented by Intelectual Property Protection (IPP). If usually, you can clear the IPP here, I don't think you can clear the IPP of code created in a Personal environment. You would have then two options, 1) upload the code in Forge and then download it and inistall it in your factory (which probably doesn't make sense for you making the code available to the world) or 2) contact OutSystems support, explain your situation and see if they can help you out.

Hope it helps.


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The only example missing in João's examples, is that if you need to access something in client's network (databases, web services), that needs to be publicly exposed.

In a paid subscription you can a) have OS on premises or b) create a VPN and not expose your server to the internet.