Média salarial para profissionais OutSystems.

Conheci a pouco tempo a ferramenta e achei muito interessante, más gostaria de informações de como é o mercado de trabalho, qual seria a média salarial de um profissional OutSystems, em niveis iniciante, intermediário e avançado, e se possivel quais as carreiras existentes para OutSystems, tipo, programador, consultor, analista, quanto custa uma certificação, quanto ganha um profissional certificado.

grato pela colaboração...

Eneias Carvalho.
Hello Eneias, and welcome to our Community forums.

The average wage, as always, will depend on the territory you are pursuing, of your skill level, your work experience and, of course, the company you are working for, as usual. I am not sure you will find any public information on such aspects, since it will vary a lot - we do have OutSystems developers in Portugal, the Netherlands and the US, just to name a select few, and it does vary a lot.

Regarding the certifications and career paths, they will also depend on the company you are working for, but we do have a progression path outlined at our online academy. I recommend you visit it, and that you also read the OutSystems Training and Certification Overview document.

If the information that you find there doesn't completely answer your questions, I suggest you send an e-mail to our team responsible for the training and certifications, since they're better equipped to answer more specific questions. you can contact them at training@outsystems.com .

I hope this answers your questions.

Best regards, and let us know if you need more information.

Paulo Tavares