icon font doesnt appear

Hi, in a espace I didnt have the RichWidgets Icon dependecy so I add the dependency. After that the icon widget already appears it was also necessary to import the entities IconName and IconSize. I selected an icon however the icon doesnt appear do you know what can be the issue? Thanks!

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Hello Jake,

Hope you're doing well.

Can you show us in more detail (for example using some prints) what is your issue?

Not only from the application, but also from Service Studio.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

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Thanks! The icon widget appears after add the Rich Widgets Icon dependency, after import the static entities IconName and IconSize is possible to select the icon name and icon size and the icon appears correctly in service studio. However in the pdf generated the icon doesnt appear. It appears blank, it doent appears nothing but the space for the icon is there.

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Hi Jake,

Now all of a sudden you're talking about a PDF. That's a whole different ballgame. RichWidgets icons are actually Font Awesome webfonts. They cannot easily be included in a PDF (if at all). Why didn't you mention you converted the screen to a PDF? Wouldn't you think this is kinda important information for people trying to help you??