Showing each value in Table  record  using dropdown with checkbox selection
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Hello Software Engineers, 

I'm trying to show records from select multiple values and store as each  record in Table record widget. For that, I will use dropdown with checkBox Selection ( dropdown+checkBox) to select values. User desire  to choose at least 5 values at once.I created sample format in excel  which I desire  pattern according to attachment.Actually want to use 3 Screen. 

For Questions,

?Should I use Table Record Widget for list Screen ?For that,Single Data can store in Table Record  from multiple select?

?Is it possible to use Form Widget  in DetailInsert/Edit Screen. Because I tried to add  list record widget for  dropdown  with  checkBox Selection  in Form Widget and all want to save. But it didn't work . 

?In View Screen , I want to  show selected multiple values as in excel format.Is it possible?

I will attach some screenshot and excel file.Please Check and hoping good suggestion.