Form not picking the color combination from custom CSS theme created
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Hi guys,

I used the silkui.outsystems theme customizer to create a CSS script for my color combination. I pasted it in the application Theme StyleSheet. Now the Header and all are coming in the desired color pattern.

I pulled in a Form page and now i can see that the colors have reversed as shown below.

I want the grey to be in the text field and the black in the background of form and also if you notice carefully, the Label "Name" is also getting the color "Grey'. My primary color was Gold as you see in the "Client SignUp" field. Initially it was coming as white and i created a custom css class to hardcode it with Gold color

Is it possible to have these color automatically referred from the style sheet of the default theme. Means, all the labels from Form on any page will have Gold color and similar standardization. 

Please help, Attached the CSS stylesheet file i generated from Theme customizer.




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Hi Siva,

Your Theme inherits from another Theme (OutSystemsUI?) which has a more specific rule for Labels.

Inspecting the label color, you can see that there is an instruction on OutSystemsUI which sets the color of Labels to color-neutral-8, and that's why it has that greyish color.

Given that, try to add to your Theme the following CSS instruction:

label {
     color: #f1d09d;

Or change it for the color you want.

This should override the default of your Base Theme for labels.

Hope it helps.


Hi Shiva,

It seems there maybe any class that override your css with default one.

You have to follow priority and the order Service Studio imports the style sheets affects 

Inline css > Home screen css > theme style sheet > webblock css 

May it help to solve your problem.