Can someone please provide some guidance relating to adding third party GUI Controls to Service Studio? I would like to have some GUI controls from companies like Infragistics.
Hi David,

It's not possible to import or even install these components in Service Studio.
You may be able to integrate some of them using ServiceStudio and Integration Studio but certainly not all.

Could you pick some specific component that you need to let us "brainstorm" about?  :-)
Rafael Pereira

I'm not clear on your response. Is the problem with Infragistics or all third party tools in general? For instance, why can I install Fusion Charts but not infragistics? Can I use a custom extension to wrap the tools from other vendors?

I'm not sure what specific tools I'd like to install but what I don't want to do is find that I can't halfway through the design when the design calls for some Tree or Chart or other Widget that is not in the default tool set. Is there a list of third party tools that have been approved for use in OutSystems similar to the relationship with Fusion Charts?


Dave Rossi

Hi David,

In fact this is typically only a problem when we are talking about ASP.NET User Controls, which have a mix of client and server implementation of the actual pages.

Whenever we are talking about pure client side controls, which have their data passed through query strings, xml files or standard web services, it is usually trival to wrap them in a web block for re-use in the Agile Platform. Typically these are controls built using JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight such as those at

Of course, if you really need to use a specific component, you can always resort to a more "manually intensive" workaround of creating a small ASP.NET application and wrapping it in your pages using IFrames. Note that this is very rare as usually you can find an alternative or develop one with the platform easily.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,