Create XML Invoices from record(s)


I have the following question.

In my databaseI have a Record, called Invoice. Invoice has multiple InvoicesLines.

I want to create a XML with all the data of the Invoice and the InvoicesLine(s), the standard for Invoice XML is EDIFACT if i'm not mistaken. 

Can someone help me out, on how to accomplish this?

Kind regards,

Bash Nie

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Hi Bash,

I'd suggest to use the XML Records forge component to convert a record list to XML.

You should be able to easily achieve your scenario with this component.

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Hi Joao,

I already looked into the XML Records component. But to be honest I'm really new to this, so I dont really know on how to get the XML in the right "universal invoice format", like EDIFACT. Because I think I can manage to get the record in XML, but it needs to be of the correct "format" so that an external system can read out the XML, right?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Bash,

You're using XML / Edifact, right? It seems pretty close to XML, you just need to define the name of the each data correctly. You also can check XML Manipulation Utils if you eventually need to do further manipulation on the XML produced by the XML Records Forge component

There's nothing wrong with being new to OutSystems :)
You can check the Documentation tab on the Forge component or / and downloading the demo component to see how to use it in an OutSystems application: