Tutorial Ebooks suggest/Developing web 2.0 portals like igoogle,pageflakes e.tc.

Tutorial Ebooks suggest/Developing web 2.0 portals like igoogle,pageflakes e.tc.

Hi,Everyone ,i am quite new to the agile platform and  really impressed with what i have seen so far.But i will like to make some suggestions with regards to enabling newcomers to the platform quickly grasp most of the advanced features because some of the newcomers are experts on other tech like .net or java and they will like to know how to use the platforms advanced features in building complex apps like web 2.0  portals. Here are my suggestions
1)Firstly  i would like to see very comprehensive ebooks targeting advanced features in the platform and how to use it in developing  apps ranging from fairly simple to complex apps.
2)These learning materials should be as diverse as possible in such a way that will show new users how to do things that they are already use to in other platforms very effectively in agile platform.Just like for asp.net,they are tons of reading materials that can teach you most of the technologies involved for the platform right from novice l to professional level.
3)Finally, have anybody attempted building a sample or prototype of a web 2.0 portal like pageflakes on the agile platform? because personally,i was quite successful in achieving that on visual studio .net,but i havent tried doing so on agile platform and i can imagine its going to be cool developing such apps on the plat. thanks.  
Have you taken a look at the tutorials and the developer academy? They cover the system VERY well. In my experience, you can get a great grasp on it in a few hours of watching tutorials, which is much faster than reading a book in most cases.

I have a fairly "Web 2.0" application out there (http://ratcatcher.titaniumcrowbar.com). It's not a "portal" but it does a lot of stuff. Let's just say that I'll never do this work in Visual Studio again if I can help it!

Also, if you want to get an in-depth look at what it is like to make an application like this (along with some instructions along the way), I wrote a 10 part series about it. They can be found at TechRepublic: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/programming-and-development

If you would like someone to spend some time with you one-on-one, OutSystems offers training. If you are just looking for someone to spend some time pointing you in the right direction, collaborating on a project, or being available on an as-needed basis to answer questions, I'd be happy to do that. My phone number is +1-803-760-7127 and my email address is justinjames [at] titaniumcrowbar.com