Problems since new licence upload (IPP)

Problems since new licence upload (IPP)

Until yesterday I was locally developing the applications with the community version and then publishing on the development and production servers.
After I uploaded the new licence (concurrent users model) it is impossible for me to publish my own application to the localhost.

The message is that the eSpace intellectual property is protected (IPP)...

Please advice how to continue since I am blocked right now.

Kind regards,
Hi Jovan,

The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) feature ensures that all applications deployed in your Agile Platform Infrastructure are protected and cannot be deployed in any other Infrastructure. This means you can stage your applications through all the server environments within your Agile Platform Infrastructure, but you will not be able to stage them to server environments belonging to other Infrastructures.

For you to get rid of the IPP warning, you should access the IPP Rights Validation form and upload your eSpace/extension/solution there. You will then be given a link where you can download an IPP-free version of it. I would suggest publishing it in your Community version again, as well as in the development and production servers, so that you will be working with non-IPP locked versions of the application in your community version.

However, if you bring over an eSpace from your development or production server to your community version, you will face the same problem.

If you want to get rid of this, I recomment you getting in touch with your account manager or our support department, in order to get the adequate licenses for all your environments, so that you won't be facing the IPP warning constantly.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares