[BulkInsert] Specified cast is not valid
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Published on 02 Oct 2019
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Good afternoon.

 I found a problem that when inserting data from an excel in BulkInsert through the SQL server and it worked perfectly.

 However when I started testing with Oracle I noticed that it gave the error that is in the title without changing any fields and using the same excel sheet.

 I would like to know if there is a problem or if you have to do something different in the Oracle version. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Antonio,

Do you know what in what column, or specific cell, is the error occurring?

I'm asking this because "Builk Insert operations use mechanisms that are specific to each DBMS and Application Server, so the performance may vary"

best regard

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Hi Antonio Figueiredo

Please provide more details below.

  1. The detailed error information
  2. The column's data type
  3. SQL
  4. Excel' value for that column 


Kindly Regards

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Tanks for reply!

 The error dont give any aditional information about the error than the feedback mensage

 The columns are 4 and they are 2 of text, 1 phone number type, 1 email type

I will send you some prints...

I try already to put everything text or only 1 field but do the same error...



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Have you tried to change the phone number column values? Lets say, for small ones.

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Yes i try. I put all text as well and do the same error. Then i try to put only 1 value in text and do the same. But in SQL Server work perfect only in Oracle that not.

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I tried with and without empty cells but if i put everything empty dont create a regist in Database...

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And without them? In other words, with a LastName for "Flo".

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Basically this is a resume.

If  put empty values in everything dont create -> give an error

If  put some values nulls -> give error but in SQL Server create with a empty cell

If put all values correct -> give error but in SQL Server works fine

If put all values in text and in entity atributes too -> give error but in SQL Server works fine

Error given all the time excepts when i dont put an excel file or its a file completely empty. -> "Specified cast is not valid "

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Look at the thread below. Maybe it could be helpful.


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I don't know that is your OutSystems version, but there is another thread that says that BuilkInsert is no longer maintaining for the 10th version.

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Hi Antonio,

Can you let us know the structure you are using to convert from excel with the respective data types and also the data types you are using on the outsystems database you are trying to insert this records.



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Ok i send you an example to show how it works...