Reactive Error - Users encounter Auto logout
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.6 (Build 37198)
Platform Version
11.7.2 (Build 5749)


Users in our application encounters automatic time out of session while accessing the app. The User Id, Role and Client Variables were reset to their default value and redirect the user to the login screen. This occur in random time and random screens in our app.

Is there any configuration we need to adjust for this. By the way our current setup is 20 mins of idle time.

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Raphael Laurence Reyno

Transnational E-Business Solutions Inc. 

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Could you please check on configuration tool(on VM where OS Platform installed).what value you set for session timeout.

Hi salman,

Thanks for your reply, but what do you mean configuration tool?

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Do you have on premise environment or cloud ?

If on premises, go to the server, it should have a shortcut in windows start menu to configuration tool.

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Let me know if you face any issue while reaching to configuration tool


I updated the configuration tool and change the value here. but after I click the apply and exit button, I cannot access the service center  and service studio.

If 1 user login in 2 different computer, when he logout on 1 computer, the other will logout also.

I don't know if this was your case.

But it worth checking out.