[FullCalendar 2] Help creating draggable events
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Published on 29 Mar 2019
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I've tried creating a draggable event but without success. Upon further research I noticed the feature doesn't seem to be complete.

Does it need some special configuration or is it not working?

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Hello Miguel,

I also ran into this issue when working with this component.

When looking at the JS documentation for this component I found a demo for the external drag and drop. See: https://fullcalendar.io/docs/external-dragging-demo

The draggables in the demo are constructed a bit different than what is available in the FullCalendar2 component, so I built my own blocks for that that worked like a charm. The only thing I couldn't access was the duration of the Event.

If you want I can dig up the module with the external drag and drop blocks and share it here.

Update: I'm adding the module here so you can have a look.


Anna Lysek


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Thank you Anna! You have saved us quite a headache :)!