Integer to Boolean
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11.10.7 (Build 37469)
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11.11.0 (Build 26567)

Hi everyone,

I have a checkbox and the value type to assign is a Integer but checkbox only accepts boolean i've tried to convert the field but no success


Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi David,

You can express this boolean in a form of a condition.

If you want the value greater than 0 to be the True, otherwise False, your condition should be

GetStocks.List.Current.Stock.iva1incl > 0


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Hi David,

By saying that the value type to assign is an integer, you probably mean a 1 or a 0?
In the database booleans are stored as a bit, a 1 or a 0. When you query the data, Outsystems converts this to a boolean. In an advanced query, you can assign that to a boolean field in the output structure.
So maybe you should change the structure such that you've got a boolean value to assign the the checkbox.

To just answer your question: No, you cannot put it like that. The Variable needs to be a boolean.


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Hi Lennart,

I've tried to change the structure to boolean but when i do that i got and error in the bootstrap server action.



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Excel uses TRUE or FALSE in the fields (if you've an English version) to manage booleans.
So when using a bootstrap then you need to put those there as boolean values.

If that's not possible, you can edit the bootstrap yourself and change the integervalue to a boolean in the record by putting something like Value = 1

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My excel returns 0 or 1 i've tried to convert the field in the bootstrap but no success, any ideas?

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Hi David,

Like Lennart pointed out, if you have your structure attribute from the excel as an Integer and your attribute value in Boolean, you can convert it by checking if the integer value from Excel is 1, something like this:

Example OML in attachment.