Issue with tutorial link

Issue with tutorial link


The following tutorial on your web-page is linked to the wrong tutorial.

Create Tables from Excel Files

Actual tutorial is adding a welcome screen with security.

Can someone send me the link to the correct tutorial?

Thanks Bruce Kirk
Oh my... We have been updating the tutorials for the new release of the Agile Platform, and something went really wrong there - thanks for bringing it to our attention!

In the meanwhile, in the latest Service Studio, you can access all tutorials through the menus. Click Help > All How-Tos, and you'll get a list from which you can pick the correct tutorial.

If you don't have that menu, do download the latest version, 'cause it's one of the new things we released yesterday!


Paulo Tavares
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the warning.
That tutorial link has been fixed now.

Tiago Simões