Windows Integrated Authentication IIS7 Problem

Windows Integrated Authentication IIS7 Problem

Hello there,

I'm trying to use Windows Integrated Authentication but I'm facing some problems.

When the application it's on IIS6 it works 100% fine, but when it's on IIS7 it doesn't. It does not pass automatically the user credentials, and if i put them manually  i'm redirected to a wrong location.

After exaustive examination i discovered a solution, and although not be the best solution it was the one that i got so far.The problem is related with the Default Page/Document of the website defined in the IIS7.

When i manually add my application page that use WIA to login the user (the entry page of my application and the one that has the option Integrated Autentication as True and uses IntegratedSecurityGetDetails function) to the DefaultPages of the Website, the WIA starts working fine.

The problem is, each time i publish the application, the DefaultPage that i manually inserted in IIS7 is erased and the WIA stops working again.

I think there should be a better way to resolve the IIS7 WIA problem but i'm not finding it.

Has anyone had the same problem and who can help?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
Caio Costa

Hi Caio

If you are having problems with IIS7 and Integrated Authentication, and not with IIS6, you should first of all check if you have Windows Authentication installed in IIS7. Contrarily to IIS6, in IIS7 the multiple forms of authentication must be installed separately - and it is possible that you forgot some of them:

If you don't have this feature installed, make sure to add it, and then try again.

Please let us know how it goes!


Hi Acácio,

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunatly that was not the source of my problem.

I've already checked if the WIA was installed on the IIS7.

As i said, until now, the only solution i found to put WIA working, was manually add the DefaultPage in the IIS7.

When i do it, the WIA starts working fine but each time i publish my application, the DefaultPage on the IIS is erased and the WIA stops working again.

Once again, thanks for the help,

Best Regards,
Caio Costa