Mobile & Fixed Number Input Value Check
Service Studio Version
11.10.4 (Build 36716)

Hello All,

i have a reactive application and i have implement a form, which filled with the customer details.

Two of them (fields), are the mobile and the fixed phone. If at least one of them is null or 0 (zero) then an error message is displayed to the customer.

These check will be used in few points in my application. So, i make a client action with two input values (mobile & fixed).

The issue is when the user fills and edit the mobile or fixed value, then the input is provided as 0 (zero).

For example i fill as mobile the value 6938783443. 

During debuging, as you see the input value (mobile) is zero (0).

Any suggestion to solve it?

You may find attached the oml too.


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Hi George,

I can see that you have used data type for both mobile and fixed as integer instead of phone number type. Can you please change the data type and try to debug it again?

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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The issue remains with your suggestion too.

Any suggestion/idea?

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Hello Sachin,

due to my mistake, i reply wrongly before. I follow your instructions and the issue solved. Mark as solution too.

Thanks & regards


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Dear George,

After analyzing your code I can see that there is a client action "PhoneOnChange" associated with the On Change event of the input boxes for both Mobile and fixed line. This action is creating the issue, as it re-assigns the variable with null values when you are inputting any value in any of the inputs. 

There is basically no need for this action as the value gets assigned automatically to the associated variable of each of the input box. You do not need to assign it separately. 

remove this action from the event of both the inputs and your code should work fine.

Cheers !