How can i auto increment an attribute"number" when i create a new entity

Hi guys, I need your help!

I'm creating an entity called "Slot" with an attribute called "Number". I want that the Number auto generates every time a new slot is created. 

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Hi Mariana,

An attribute of an entity can be set to AutoNumber, but only one attribute per entity can be AutoNumber and that attribute is the Id:

Isn't the Id you want to use in that scenario?

If you are creating a new record, you can always do a query to get the MaxId and add 1 so you can know the next Id


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Thank you!!

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Hi Mariana

You can change the attribute auto number from this attribute

if you want to present this number before saving you can add logic to retrieve the last number created and add + 1

hope I could help you,


Carlos Lessa