How to display complete error log for the user?
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Hello guys, I have a question.

I would like to return the complete exception error to the user when it happens.

Unfortunately, when a query error occurs, for example, only "Error executing query." And I would like to have the exact error as it is displayed in the Error log in the service center.

Can you help me ?

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Hi Rodrigo,

Could you please check the system entities in PlatformLogs extension? It might be there would be some entities that will help you.

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Hi Rodrigo,

I would ask you why you want that?, you might expose (sensitive) information that a user of your application should not see.

Consider the following approach:

  1. Add an exception handler to catch database exceptions, and show a "friendly" message to the user using for example the feedback message. You can instruct the user to contact for example the application support engineer or the IT service desk.
  2. All error messages are Automatically logged in OutSystems. You can change the application general and error logs in Service Center for the details of an logged message.