New in the Agile Platform v5.1.1

New in the Agile Platform v5.1.1

Hello everyone!

We're in a festive mood because of the holiday season, and having just released the 5.1.1 version of Service Studio into Technology Preview, we decided to give you a glimpse of some of the new features and improvements we've got in store this time around.

Throughout the next few days we'll have a round of posts from our development team, showcasing what they've been working on. We hope you like it, and make sure to try it out for yourselves, and let us know what you think of it!


Paulo Tavares
Learning is always a time consuming effort. People are comfortable with what they know, and it's naturally hard for them to learn new technology. This is even more true when this new technology is very disrupting.

But when you add a new team member to your project you need him to be very productive as soon as possible.
Built on top of the Embedded Tutorials technology introduced in 5.1, we have now created a larger set of how-to's to help new users quickly get up to speed on creating and changing applications with the Agile Platform. These new how-to's are shorter and more focused than the previous tutorials, they use IntelliWarp, and work sequentially to create a simple CRM application that can be used as a quick reference.
But learning doesn't stop in these step-by-step how-to's. We all learn every day with the online videos, forum posts, online help, and the components available in the Agile Network. So users can grasp the full extent of what they can do with the Agile Platform we've compiled some of this existing content into a single screen. With it we can answer some of the most common questions new users have when starting out in this brave new world, and make them very productive in just a few days.

How useful is a large set of how-to's if you just can't find what you are looking for?
That's why we added an how-to search box in the top right corner of Service Studio!

This box is always available to help you. Just type in what you are looking for and the matches are displayed right below.

We decided to go a little deeper in this, also by suggesting how to's and help topics for the selected element!

Guys -

This all looks great! Thanks! I can't wait to learn more about what's in 5.1.1. By the way, I think 5.1 could have been called "6.0" and it sounds like 5.1.1 could be "6.0" too. :)

Took a peek yesterday and was impressed by the new things.

Can't wait to hear what's new/improved for the more experienced users of Service Studio
(The breadcrumb is very nice for example)

Joost thank you for mentioning the breadcrumb. We decided to change Service Studio's look, check out these two versions.

Version 5.0:

Version 5.1.1:

You may notice the number of lines and gradients in both versions (v5.0 and the new v5.1.1). We decided that as developers spend some hours inside Service Studio we could provide them with a better place to work. We added an useful breadcrumb so that you can easily navigate between elements, when you select something in it the element will also become bold in the eSpace tree. With this you don't need to use the synchronize tree button any more.

Another thing we decided to do was to give you more room to work. For that we replaced the left toolbar tree (inside processes and web flows) by a new toolbar, check out the difference in the work area size.

Have a happy programming =)
Do you know the "Import Entities from Excel" functionality introduced in version 5.1?
With this functionaltiy you can create Entities and load them with data from an Excel file.

This is cool, but what about if you want to load data from Excel to an entity you already have created in your eSpace?

With 5.1.1 we introduced the Create Action to Bootstrap Data from Excel functionality. Just right-click the entity you want to bootstrap, click "Create Action to Bootstrap Data from Excel..." and select the Excel file.

Then Service Studio will analyse the Excel file against your entity definition and show you the estabilished mapping, as the in next example:

The matching is done by column names. If the datatypes are incompatible, this dialog will also help you understand why.

Finally, this bootstrap action will be executed in the next publish if the entity has no data.

Want to try it?

Just follow the Build An App in 5 Mins tutorial!

As you have probably already noticed from the previous screenshots, Service Studio now has tabs on the top, allowing to have multiple eSpaces opened in the same window. These tabs can be reordered and even dettached from their original window into a second window.

This way, when you're developing your application, and need to check a tutorial because you don't remember how something is done, you can have the tutorial and your application side by side for reference. When using the Search functionality on the top right corner, Service Studio will automatically open a new tab for you, instead of launching a new Service Studio, which is much much faster.

You can also easily navigate back and forward between producers and consumers very rapidly:

If you have debug sessions open in the different eSpaces of the same solution, when stepping in and out of actions, Service Studio will also automatically switch to the relevant tab, providing you with a much smoother debugging experience.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
In previous versions, when clicking in the Open Service Center button in the toolbar, Service Studio would launch a browser:

To make this experience smoother, Service Studio will now open a new tab with Service Center embedded, and will automatically do the login for you.

This also means that  we also provide you now with tutorials for ServiceCenter:

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Everything sounds great!

Keep the good working guys. ;)

-- --
R. Saraiva
Now that you can have multiple eSpaces open, it would make sense that you could drag&drop between them, right? Right. You can now copy, move and even create references between eSpaces using drag&drop.
For example, suppose you need to expose a public action in a producer eSpace to use it in a consumer eSpace. Previously, you had to make the action public, publish the eSpace, and then go to the consumer, select the action in the Add/Remove References dialog, and finally drag the reference action to the flow.
From now on you just need to set the action as public and drag it, and the reference will be made automatically for you:

You can do it using two windows like shown in the screenshot, which is especially nice when you have two monitors, but you can also do it with two tabs in the same window: when going with the mouse pressed to the tab header while doing the drag, the selected tab will change.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
In 5.1.0.x, if you had the menus in a producer, IntelliWarp wasn't able to change the menu entities nor the menu block, and would instead leave reminder comments telling you to do that later.

In 5.1.1, if you have the producer open, IntelliWarp will detect it and automatically do that for you.

To setup this scenario do the following:
  • Open two tabs, and create a new espace in each of them, calling one of them Producer and the other Consumer.
  • In the producer, make the MENU_ITEM and MENU_SUB_ITEM entities public, and the Header, Footer, EmailHeader & EmailFooter web blocks and the LoginPage web screen of the Common web flow also public.
  • In the consumer, delete the MENU_ITEM and MENU_SUB_ITEM entities, and the Common web flow.
  • Select the two entities in the producer, and drag them to the Entities folder on the consumer.
  • Select the common flow in the producer, and drag it to the Screen Flows foller on the consumer.
After these steps, you'll notice that TrueChange glued everything together, and the consumer is error free.

Now, if you use IntelliWarp to create a list for one entity in the consumer (by dragging the entity to a web flow), you'll notice that the following will happen:
  • The created screen and the created permission areas in the consumer will be public, and the producer will be changed to reference those elements.
  • The menu entities and the menu block will be changed in the producer, and the references to them in the consumer will be refreshed.
Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra