Need to retrieve the screen access logs
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Traditional Web
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11.10.7 (Build 37469)
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I have received one query from my customer, they want to know exactly which screen was accessible by which users and how many times between the time frame of One or Two months.

I am trying to get the details from the 'OSLOG_SCREEN' Entity. however, it only has data available for 2 days I guess. Is there any other way to get such logs for more duration?



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Dear Sachin,

By default the OutSystems Platform keeps logs for 4 weeks, and can keep them for as long as 9 weeks. In the documentation for Version 11 you can find the same information about log rotation in OutSystems.


They are configured in configuration tool. The retention period configured in OutSystems PaaS is 9 weeks. 

Hope this information helps.

Cheers !


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Hi Sachin, 

In addition to what Shounak well said, if you want to keep your own records and not rely on the built-in log functionality, you can build your own.

As an idea, you can create a services application that will expose a service action that can be used across all the environment since the service actions don't create hard dependencies. 

Just create a new entity with the information you need and then the log service action. Spread that action on the screens you want to audit.

This way you can keep the data as long as you can, you can even create a timer that runs from time to time and deletes records older than x time, this way you have a purge feature too and the maintenance is guaranteed.

Hope this helps

Best Regards, 

Paulo Zacarias

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Hi Sachin,

I am not sure, if you have gone through with this link or not. However, please give a try to read that post. It might be you will get some help. :)

Thanks & Kind Regards,